Is this a professional software program?

We have created an easy to use guide, from style to measures, yardage to order forms with designers in mind - those who do this day by day. It does not require any training and we have a demo for you to review.

If you want to enjoy the full benefits of HomeWiP,  please take the time to enter pricing for your favorite workrooms and installers in Personal Settings. The set up needs to be done once. It will take no more than 30 minutes of your time, and will give you the opportunity to seamlessly send your work orders to workrooms, vendors and installers once your project information is entered.

May I change the hem and header default numbers?

Yes! This change can be made under Personal Settings on the Parameters page.  Once you update the parameters using your preferred hem and header default numbers - all your future projects will be calculated with your customized settings.

How long is the trial period for free?

One month. At this stage we are looking for your honest feedback, so if you are interested in a longer trial period - do respond to our customer survey. Detailed feedback will grant you an extra month of free use.

How much will the subscription cost after the trial period ends?

The monthly subscription is $9.99 per month and  will save you half the time you spend on every client proposal. Then you can decide what you are doing with this free time!

Why do I need to add my installers and workrooms?

Prices for services and labor vary by location. Our current price list is for the San Francisco Bay Area.  However, we understand that labor costs vary throughout the US.  And, if you work in the Bay Area - you will most likely have established relationships with workrooms and installers.  We are happy to add your workroom or installer as a default service supplier.  You may send us their contact information and we will upload it in the software. The system works better when we all collaborate!

I am a student. Is there any student discount?

To keep things simple we have set default prices for all users. Please send an email to info@homewip.com indicating your college and we will find a way to help you.

Please explain your choice of vendors.

We have just launched the program, and thus we have taken a sample of prices from several suppliers that are popular in our area, we plan to integrate more vendors into the system, but it might take some time. If your vendor is not currently on our list - please input the information via manual entries.

Why do I need to upload images of fabric?

This feature is for your reference, as we currently do not have fabric suppliers integrated with HomeWiP.  This easily allows you to notate your customer’s choice in real time with a quick pic using your phone or tablet.  Not a requirement - just a tool to avoid any mix ups later.

How do I get from window to orders for it?

Please complete work on all the windows within the project. Then save the project and go to the Project summary page - look for icon   ____. There you will find summaries by room and by window; place to add charges and view order forms.