One of the top complaints we’ve heard from workrooms over the years is incomplete work orders from designers; not receiving all the required information to complete an order, or lack of the work order.

Designers feel inundated by the amount of paperwork each order generates and number of times they write the same thing over and over – just using a different form.

We have developed a tool called HomeWiP – an app designed for convenience and time saving.  This app allows designers to have all the information for clients’ window project in one place – measurements, images, fabrication and installation instructions, fabric and lining specs. This information can be downloaded into a work order for further fabrication and installation.

We are almost ready to share HomeWiP with local designers.  But, before doing so - we invite you to come on board.  We would like to include you and make your workroom available to local designers.  Once the app will be fully released - we encourage you to share it with your clients – the designers that bring you orders.

To make it easy for you to become a listed workroom, please send us your price list to  and we will take care of the rest.